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Every business is different and it's important to cater to your needs when developing an office layout plan to arrive at a division plan that will maximize staff productivity.

When building or renovating your offices with LSEC you will be accompanied by seasoned construction specialists to complete your project. In addition, because your main priority is for your business to continue to function well, you'll be taken care of by our project manager to deal with any issues that arise during the work. They can design and complete your new premises without having to interrupt your business's operations.

Office Space

People and the physical environment surrounding us can impact us so strongly— both consciously and unconsciously— then workplace becomes the most important strategic tool for a manager, who wishes to reinforce certain behavior or drive behavioral change in an organization.

To make a workplace work— service and space must be aligned and designed for specific desired outcomes, and with focus on employee needs. LSEC can help you plan and create the workspace that works for you and for your employees.

Restaurant & Cafe

Every good renovation starts with a floor plan. Unlike menu covers or staff uniforms, floor plans are not easy to modify once they’re in place. It’s important to talk to a LSEC planner to consider all aspects. One key aspect is the flow. This is arguably one of the most important factors of a floor plan. Flow determines the way customers, staff and food move through the restaurant space. Flexibility is also important. Being able to move tables, chairs and even wait stations around allows you to accommodate both. large and small parties easily.

We can create understandable traffic patterns to avoid having customers walk past the kitchen entry (staff will thank you for it), avoid seating guests too close to the front door (as it can be noisy and drafty), and so much more! 

Retail Space

In the world of commerce, there is no room for error. So, a lot relies on the details that will make each customer’s visit a great shopping experience. It is especially true nowadays for all businesses who are facing fierce competition from retailers who can adapt to new trends. Gain a competitive advantage with a store renovation with LSEC that will charm your customers, visit after visit!

It’s always important to attract the attention of potential customers even before they are inside your store, in order to give them a first look at your merchandise, the store interior and any promotions. Once gravitated into your store, customers quickly analyze the colours, the arrangement of the shelves, the styles, the lighting, the general layout of the store and much more. LSEC planners can focusing on all these details, to ensure a successful store layout for you and your retail space.

Apartment Complex

The kitchen is the room that gives the most prestige to your home in large part for the time you spend there every day! Moreover, the return on investment is on average 85% when reselling your condo, so it’s an amount that is not lost. For an apartment, it’s also important to give it a certain freshness to make sure your tenants are happy to stay there and pay the rent for your accommodation. 

After kitchens, the bathroom comes in second place as being the most popular space for an interior home renovation. The return on investment is very compelling. This renovation allows you to improve your quality of life, via its practicality and the attraction that a beautiful bathroom can offer to your home.

If you’re considering a office revamp project, The Life Style Experience Crew is ready to assist you. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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The Life-Style Experience Crew Team understands the difficulties of running a business along with the demands on your time and the company’s schedule which are all necessary for the success of the business. 

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When you join the Life-Style Experience Crew, you also gain access to other experienced tradesmen, such as A/C experts, Plumbing Experts, and Electrician Experts all within the Life-Style Experience Crew. 

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You inform us when you are ready to Join the Rebellion & take Your Time & Life-Style back.  A coordinator will then schedule a one time On-boarding meeting at your home to learn about You & Your Home.  

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